The bravery and selflessness of those who serve will always be an inspiration to us all. They are true heroes who deserve to be remembered and honored for generations to come.

MSG Jean E. Michaud

MSG Jean E. Michaud

Nov 5, 1963 – Nov 18, 2020

Awards & Decorations

  • Bronze Star (3 OLC)
  • Army Good Conduct Medal (4 OLC)
  • Meritorious Service Medal ( 3 OLC)
  • AirBorne

EnduringWishes was created and established in Honor of Jean Michaud. For his enduring love of the family, safety and security of this great country.

One of the most amazing people we’ve known. You made a difference in our lives, still do. Your mission now is to feel free, feel our love and respect. You are forever in our hearts.


Veterans & Families

To the men and women and their Families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and its people. Their bravery and selflessness will always be remembered and honored. Their sacrifice should inspire us to work towards building a better world, one filled with peace, justice, and freedom for all.

Thank You