Bridging the Legacy Gap

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with The Black Friday Network!

The Black community has a rich tapestry of traditions, stories, and values to pass on to future generations. Yet, many of us lack the tools to preserve and share our legacy effectively.

The Black Friday Network and EnduringWishes are committed to changing that. Together, we’re creating a path for Black families to seamlessly transfer wealth, preserve cherished memories, and ensure their legacy lives on.
Our partnership offers Black-owned insurance agencies and brokerages:

  • A powerful tool to enhance client service and build deeper relationships
  • A structured approach to legacy planning: Filling the gap in the industry.
  • A unique value proposition to attract and retain clients
  • A tangible way to contribute to the financial well-being of the Black community
  • Empowerment for Black-owned insurance agencies: Providing a valuable service to clients
You’ll strengthen RELATIONSHIPS and reap NEW REVENUE.

Increase Sales

Stay on top of evolving client needs. Identify new coverage needs based on dynamic client insights.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Stand out from the crowd with a unique and valuable service.

Unlock Quality Referrals

Receive quality referrals as clients and prospects utilize EnduringWishes.

Strengthen Relationships

Strengthen bonds by providing a safe place for clients to plan legacies.

From Reactive to Proactive

A Client-Managed tool that empowers you to become a proactive and trusted advisor by offering a valuable legacy tool for your clients.

Living Discovery & On-Going Referrals

Gain a profound understanding of your clients, allowing you to provide holistic solutions that cater to their specific circumstances. With Discovery,

An Estate Planning Tool for Stronger Client Relationships

For your clients, a platform that makes estate planning and legacy preservation easy. It is a digital vault to store information such as documents, stories, and other valuable information to ease the transfer of legacy to heirs.

By offering EnduringWishes, you demonstrate a holistic approach to your clients’ well-being, going beyond just insurance products.

EnduringWishes is your Differentiator

In a noisy and competitive landscape, add EnduringWishes to your marketing campaigns. So, while your competition are using PDFs and Newsletters. You will offer a useful legacy planning tool.

  • Lead Magnet for Your Webinars Gift for Showing up, Raffle, Secret Drawing
  • Lead Magnet for Your Email Campaigns
  • Lead Magnet to Re-Engage Book of Business
  • Lead Magnet for Your Warm Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

EnduringWishes is a digital legacy platform that will allow you to create, organize and share all of your important information with your loved ones in a digitally secure space. Create a virtual area with your memories and messages while you begin with your End – of – Life Planning.

EnduringWishes will help the ones you leave behind remember you the way you should be remembered.

Yes, we do. At EnduringWishes, we have created a platform that will allow you to get your affairs in order. With us, you can register images, personal accounts, assets, and more so that your trusted ones can have a clear panorama of your life’s legacy.

EnduringWishes will allow you to choose which information you want to share and to whom. Go fully public or completely private; it is your choice. 

A Deputy is a trusted person that will be able to see your information. You will be able to invite them as your personal Ambassador to help handle your affairs if needed. For additional security, you will be able to grant them access to all of your information, or you can specify what they will be able to see and use.

Signing up is free and easy! Click on the Signup Button. Then, fill in your information, and you are set to go! You can choose a plan once you’re in the app.

The Images and Stories that you leave on EnduringWishes will stay there for your family, friends, and loved ones for up to 12 months. For that time, they will be able to download the images and move your stories to a platform of their choice.