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As many of us know, pets are just as much a part of our families as their human counterparts—and their loss can be just as painful. Unlike humans, however, pets’ fates after their owners’ passing are often extremely uncertain. Many, like Maggie (pictured below), are simply abandoned or surrendered to a shelter due to the lack of a proper pet care plan. 

Maggie was a sweet, affectionate golden retriever who had been with her owner, Tom, for over a decade. The two were inseparable—Tom loved Maggie as much as he did the other members of his family. When Tom suddenly passed away from a heart attack, however, Maggie was left alone. 

Tom’s family lived in another state and couldn’t take Maggie in such short notice due to their own circumstances. Without a caretaker to look after her, Maggie was surrendered to a local animal shelter. She was confused and scared, as would any of us be. Although the shelter staff did their best to provide her with a warm environment, the shelter was a terrifying place compared to the comforts of home. 

It wasn’t until several weeks later that Maggie was adopted by a loving family who promised to give her a forever home. She lives with them today, enjoying walks around the neighborhood and plenty of treats in her free time. Her story has a happy ending—but many others do not. In any case, the traumatic experiences associated with the passing of an owner could be avoided with a proper pet care plan. 

A pet care plan is a document that outlines exactly what should happen to your pets in case something unexpected happens to you (such as death or incapacity). It should ideally include the following:

  • Name and contact information of your pets’ veterinarian
  • Your designated pet guardian
  • Your pets’ diet, exercise routine, and medical history
  • Any specific instructions for the care of your pet

If Tom had created a pet care plan, Maggie would not have been surrendered to a shelter. Instead, she would’ve been given to a trusted friend or family member—someone who knew her routine, her favorite toys, and how to keep her healthy and happy. So much stress could have been avoided for Maggie if there had been a pet care plan ready in the case of an emergency. 

Creating a pet care plan may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. It ensures that your beloved pets are taken care of, even if something unexpected happens to you. Don’t let your pets end up like Maggie, alone and scared in a shelter. Take the time to create a pet care plan today—with EnduringWishes, you can take the first step by registering for free at http://enduringwishes.com/pets. With the promo code PLANS4PETS, you can even get three free months of premium features to give yourself and your furry friends some well-deserved peace of mind. 

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