Marketing Internship

Spring internship program is designed to provide valuable career experience for students who wish to apply their education and skills in Marketing.

On-The-Job Training

Participants get on-the-job training as well as technical and business-oriented education. As an intern at EnduringWishes, you will be working on small business marketing campaigns that significantly impact the success of the organization.

On-The-Job Traning

EnduringWishes makes it easy to access your pet’s medical and shot records from anywhere.

College Credit

Get college Credit toward graduation.

Build Your Resume

Your Family should have access to your documents, policies, and stories.

marketing effectiveness.

Through analytics and reports, the intern will learn how to measure marketing effectiveness.

Interns will see firsthand what goes into the making of a successful marketing campaign; they will handle campaigns from session planning to logistics, followed by measuring effectiveness through analytics, reports, and financial analysis to determine ROI on various marketing campaigns + projects.

Real World Insights

You will walk away from this internship program with valuable insight on what it takes to generate new clients. Our firm is looking for college/university students who are considering a career as a marketing professional within a technology firm.


What should your pet emergency plan include?

  1. Help coordinate the planning of special events, conferences, meetings, workshops, and classes.
  2. Help with other duties related to the events such as promotional item research and orders, signage, proofing, speaker packets, survey creation and setup, updating website, and general marketing assistance.
  3. Assist in managing social media platforms, coming up with creative content to repurpose across multiple platforms.
  4. Assist in creating flyers, packets, marketing materials, etc.
  5. Learn how to create marketing, website, and search engine analytics, and create a tailored marketing strategy.

Why EnduringWishes?

Because sharing your Legacy should be EASY. And, because sharing your End-of-Life wishes should be SIMPLE. Share your legacy, wishes, important documents, and stories with the people you choose.


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Our User-Interface is an intuitive and simple experience. There is no learning curve and no need for lengthy user guides. Start organizing and sharing your thoughts in minutes.


Your data on is encrypted on our disks while it’s waiting for you to access it. Your information is protected when it is transmitted to your phone, laptop or Pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

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