Planning Care for My Pet

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Without proper planning, your pet can end up in shelters or with someone who won’t give them the care they deserve.


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Consider who you would like to take care of your furry friend if something were to happen to you. Make sure to appoint a designated Guardian. While here, you can also add medical records and other documents.

Keep Medical Records

EnduringWishes makes it easy to access and share your pet’s medical records from anywhere.

Have A Plan

Schedule a time for your family to discuss a PLAN. Make sure everyone is engaged in the discussion. Document that plan in EnduringWishes.

Designate a Guardian

It’s not enough to choose a Guardian. You need to make sure they have access to records, and instructions.

Create A Care Strategy

Having a plan in place ensures that your pet will receive proper care and attention even after you’re gone.

Avoid uncertain fate: Without a plan, your pet’s fate may become uncertain and could result in unwanted outcomes such as being surrendered to a shelter or not receiving proper care.

Honor your wishes: A plan allows you to specify your wishes for your pet’s care and future, ensuring that they are honored even after you’re gone.

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A Checklist For Your Pet

What should your pet emergency plan include?

  • Designated pet caretaker in case you’re unable to care for your pet.
  • Emergency contact information for your veterinarian and any other relevant parties.
  • Information about your pet’s medications, dietary requirements, and any other special needs.
  • A list of pet-friendly shelters and hotels in case of evacuation.
  • Arrangements for feeding, exercise, and potty breaks if you’re unable to care for your pet.

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